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Anyone who knows me, knows that I am always reno-ing something in my little rustic mountain house. It’s a slow, but rewarding process when you are a DIYer!  Recently, I took on this little entry way project and ripped out some outdated lackluster tiles and laid down some great new looking rustic tiles.  These Montagna Wood Tiles by Marazzi  offer just the right look against our old school dutch barn door leading out to our deck.


Demo time!  Of course first we take out the old icky looking tiles that do not do anything for this entry door. This entry floor space is just a 4 foot by 4 foot space so the demo is fairly easy and can be completed in about 2 to four hours.  


Now that the old tile is removed and we have cleaned up all of the mud and basically scraped down to the subfloor, we can move on to our new floor prep phase.

Steps to prep floor:

  1. clean all debris from entire subfloor surface
  2. measure and cut your your Cement Backer Board for floor tile [note: there are other options for your “under tile materials” but as I like to say “round here” most of us like the popular cement backerboard such as Wonderboard]  Whatever material you choose here, just be sure to get the proper width so that you achieve the right floor height.
  3. Screw down the Backerboard material using Backerboard screws

Ready to install tile!

On a recent trip to my favorite store Home Depot, I noticed they had some new wood looking tiles on display.  These wood look tiles are quickly becoming a popular trend in flooring.  I have chosen the Montagna Wood Weathered Gray Porcelain Tile [6 in. x 24 in.] by Marazzi.  At HD they run $2.39 per square foot.  Install time for this 4 x4 space is about 3 to 4 hours from start to cleanup.


Steps to install tile:

  1. Apply mud materials such as Thinset Mortar
  2. Use your trowel to manipulate the mud and level the material
  3. Start laying the tile in the arrangement that you like
  4. Use the tile separators to space out the desired gaps in between your tiles
  5. Apply grout
  6. Clean surface and apply any top coat materials such as Grout Sealer


And there you have it! We have a nicely updated entry floor that took just about 6 or seven hours to complete.  Stay tuned for one of my upcoming projects where I will be installing this same tile on a wall in my kitchen!  

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