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You Don’t have to Live in a Mountain Lodge to Enjoy Rustic Living!

As frequently mentioned in this blog, I am a Colorado cowgirl, so I live in a region that is very much into all that is “rustic”. But, you don’t have to live in the west to enjoy a little rustic in your own life!

These days we hear a great deal about the very ‘in trend’ concept of “modern rustic”.   So what is “modern rustic”.  The mod-rustic trend is about the blending of the simple clean lines and neutral color palette of “modern” style with the warm tones of wood and items that tend to have a ‘history’ that is visible and possibly nostalgic. Additionally rustic style can also be about bringing the outdoors inside.

So where does one start if you want to infuse your home with some rustic style? Here are some tips you can use to introduce some good ole rustic living into your home:

Add in some exposed natural wood. Use exposed tongue and groove on vaulted ceiling, or expose some beams on a ceiling if available.



Here is another great example of balancing warm rustic elements with a simple and clean modern style.



Use neutral colors on walls and when selecting big pieces such as couches and other furniture items.  Rustic design in general is rich with warm tones and textures of all types, such as cowhides or sheepskin, and similar patterns; so you’ll want to keep the bones of the room fairly neutral and clean looking. Then, when you start adding accessories or other items to fill the room with some of that rustic warmth you will see how the layers of warm tones and rich textures make for a very elegant and sophisticated mod- rustic look!


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